another fundraising success

Booby Trivia II took place last night and was an incredible success. We pulled in $1056, making it even more profitable then the original Booby Trivia.

After a brief stop at The Local, Jenni, Matt, and I got to the Block E Hooters shortly after 6, where we found a good chunk of the team already waiting. Jenni and I headed to the bathroom to change into our I ♥ BOOBS shirts (which can be purchased here), and as we were changing, we heard a server in the other stall crying on her cell phone because there was a party of 50 coming in. Yeah, that was our party of 50. It’s probably a good thing she wasn’t our server!

We threw some pictures from previous 3 Days throughout the section we’d been given to invade, set up a table for people to register, pinned dozens of pins all over our shirts, and got ready for the masses. We had about 60ish people there, who were all great. A lot of the teams were repeat players, which obviously means we’re either doing things right in the fundraising world, or we just have a great group of friends. It’s probably more the latter. When you have the same friends that show up at every single fundraising event we have, regardless of the location or the amount they have to donate or the time, it’s sometimes overwhelming in the best way possible.

I always get stressed out a couple of days before a fundraiser. I never want my friends to be disappointed or not have a good time, but I should know by now that there’s no need to worry. If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s making sure people have a good time while they’re helping us towards our fundraising goals. And talking about boobs.
Hooters as a perfect location for Trivia II. Clint the manager was more than helpful, and our main server Dani was unbelievably fast, friendly, and even interested in joining our team. I don’t thing anybody could say a bad thing about how things ran on that end.

Another awesome fundraiser in the books. Thank you so much to everyone who came and/or bought raffle tickets.

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