It’s Friday and I’m happy. I’m not gonna question all that are making me happy; I’m just gonna go with it.

Last night was Dining Out for Life. I had dinner and drinks (I still hate the word cocktails.) with Jenni, Matt, and Cindi at The Independent, where I may have asked the lady at the table next to us dressed in a wild safari print shirt if she wanted to choke my chicken. But to be fair, I was having a drink called Chicken.

I dropped Cindi off at home and then met Desi, M, Melanie, and Eric at Pi (not a math club. Really.). They’d already eaten (also Dining Out for Life!), so I just joined them for some chit chat and pool. A pool hustler needs to go on my list of careers I want to eventually do, just as soon as I can pull it off.

I went home and made cupcakes, which I iced AND SPRINKLED this morning. We had a potluck dinner at work to celebrate Admin Day that was this past Wednesday. Our department only functions because we have the best admin in the world. Without her, we’d be walking around eating lead paint, I’m sure of it.

Today, Jenni, Matt, and I have laid the groundworks for an awesome road trip in August. Details soon to follow.

Tonight, Cindi and I are going to Matt’s Bar for hamburgers injected with cheese. Tomorrow is brunch and a Craft Fair (shut up), and possibly some video games at Dave & Buster’s if I feel like driving a long way. And then Sunday is Picnic Day, which sounds like the best idea ever right now.

Yeah, it’s good now. I’ll remember this next time I’m crabby!

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  1. how much do i love that you made cupcakes? a LOT.

    also, you asked that lady if she wanted to choke ON your chicken. that just made me snort really loud at my desk.

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