love letter lessons

The other day, Desi and I were talking about Craigslist and some of the ads that people place that are absolutely the worst ideas ever, and how Craigslist (or CL as we obsessive nerds like to call it!) isn’t exactly the place to meet high quality people. (Note: Don’t yell at me. This is a gross generalization and I’m sure there are wonderful exceptions to the rule!)

Exactly 89% personal ads I’ve read on CL (and maybe I’ve posted an ad or two there in the past, but I’ll never tell) are absolutely horrible. They usually have about as much sincerity and romance as my bathroom rug. I’m hoping that those people writing about “I don’t need no drama” and “Prefer you 2 b petite with a badunkadunk booty” will take note of a certain site that gives example of how to write a love letter. Once they find the match of their dreams, they’ll be able to open things up and show the sweet, sincere side of themselves.

This has been yet another public service announcement by the Emperor of All Relationship and/or Dating Knowledge. (I kid.)

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