i do good things

“I do good things. If you want to make a good thing into a bad thing, then so be it.” – Torii Hunter

Not that there needs to be any other reason for me to love Torii Hunter, but his big Major League Baseball rule violation has quite possibly made me love him even more.

Hunter’s gift of four bottles of Dom Perignon, which he had delivered to the Royals clubhouse this past weekend, was meant as a reward for the Royals sweeping the Detroit Tigers last September, allowing the Twins to come from behind to win the American League Central. The gift fulfilled a promise Hunter made last fall.

An All-Star, Golden Glove winner, who never gets into any type of trouble around the league and throws his body on the line for every single play he makes tries to do something nice for a team that never gets recognizes for doing anything but losing, and look what happens.

So, hey, Terry Ryan! When you read this, please sign Torii to a Forever Contract worth whatever it is he wants. It’ll be worth it in the long run, I promise.

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