ai: idol gives back part 1

You know what’s really hard? Trying to take Ryan Seacrest seriously. If the world ever comes to an end and we know about it well in advance, I would highly suggest having Ryan tell the world, because he can’t possibly be serious. The world as you know it will be coming to an end on… after the break.

My Tivo tells me the six finalists perform songs about compassion and music tonight. While I’m sure he’s a great kid, I’m glad Sanjaya isn’t coming back this week to butcher yet another style of song.

Chris RichardsonChange the World (Eric Clapton) – Eric Clapton is probably right up Chris’ world. More than a Justin Timberlake, Chris reminds me more of an Adam Levine type of guy, as long as I’m not looking at him. As much as I liked the boy in the beginning, each of his performances are just kind of the same – cute and plain.

Randy thought Chris was in it to win it tonight. Paula says it was a great song choice and thought he did fantastic. Simon was reminded of the first time they saw Chris and thought he did really well, even calling it a sexy performance.

Ryan is thanking MySpace. All of a sudden I wonder what the world is coming to.

Melinda DoolittleThere Will Come A Day (Faith Hill) – Man, just when you think she’s going to have a somewhat average performance after the first few bars in a song, she lights up her entire performance. Every time Ellen has a guest on her show, they always say they’re rooting for Melinda to win it. Barring some ridiculous mistake by America, she’s gotta make it to at least the top 2.

Randy says Melinda is here. Paula says there’s nobody like her and she’s magical. Then, Melinda pulls a rabbit out of her ass. Simon calls her performance a vocal masterclass.

Blake LewisImagine (John Lennon) – Anyone that tries to take on a John Lennon song as popular as Imagine is taking a huge risk. This has to be one of the only times I’ll ever admit to enjoying a performance of Blake’s that’s this subdued.

Randy just thought it was alright, despite saying it was a great song choice. Paula really enjoyed the performance. Simon talks about the comparison of singing a song like Imagine, and then says the song didn’t go anywhere.

Lakeisha JonesI Believe (Fantasia) – I’ve never liked Fantasia, so this may pose a problem. Was this the song that she had to perform in the finals? I wasn’t a fan of that entire season. Watching Lakeisha sing it, I’m 100% convinced she’s meaning every word she’s singing. I could take or leave her performance. She needed to kick some ass tonight, and I don’t think she did.

Randy didn’t think it was her best performance. Paula calls her a powerhouse of a vocalist, but says Fantasia is one of those people that can’t be replicated. Simon thought it was very emotional and is having an issue with the shouting.

Phil StaceyThe Change (Garth Brooks) – Back to country Phil goes, and it’s probably a wise decision. I don’t really like Phil and I’ve made that obvious before. But I really liked him tonight.

Randy says it’s a very strong vocal and Paula says it was his best. Simon really liked him and thought it was a great song choice. He says a country tone suits his voice more than his performance tonight did.

Jordin SparksYou’ll Never Walk Alone – I understand why she chose this song, but I think she’ll be more apt to get a younger crowd voting for her if she sings songs that are more familiar and popular. How crappy is that? She’s super amazing and I’ve never disliked one of her performances even in the slightest.

Randy says it’s one of the best vocals by any contestant ever in all six seasons. Paula calls her glorious and says she did a lovely job. Simon thought she was fantastic and says she’d have a hit record with that.

They’ll do the bottom two now, right? Chris and Lakeisha, I would think, and Lakeisha will probably go home. She just hasn’t had what she had in the first week when she rocked out to the Dreamgirls song.


  1. Nah, Lakisha’s not going home because I voted for her, like, 23 times. But they were pity votes, since I thought she could have done better. Maybe another trip to the bottom two will get her back in gear.

    I thought Phil was boring tonight and I’ve got him pegged to go home.

    Melinda’s gonna win the whole thing. Unless Jordin does. Although Jordin’s song was an old one, I thought it sounded so contemporary.

    It was a relief and a joy to not have to endure Sanjaya.

  2. Lakisha, did in fact sing Fantasia’s finale song from season 3. i didnt like it when fantasia sang it and I didn’t really like it tonight.

    I think it’s Jordin v. Melinda in the finals. and if it’s not, America’s crazy. None of these other clowns even come close to the talent that those two have.

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