the little white hairs

Riley, my little puppy that’s currently sniffing my leg, is a shedder. A bad shedder. My backseat, which is his seat, is covered in short little white hairs. My couch, which is a chocolate brown color, is also covered in short little white hairs. All of my clothes, even the ones that are hanging in my closet? Yep, covered in short little white hairs.

There could very well be an answer with the Shed Ender. I may just have to take a trip to the As Seen On TV store at the Mall of America and check this contraption out. Granted, the fine print probably says something about “not to be used on dogs with short hair”, and then all my dreams of a little white hair free house will be ruined.

Yeah, upon closer look? That damn thing would cut the hell out of my poor little puppy’s skin! I’ll stick with the annoying white hairs.

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