my work is fun and also hard

My Work Boys™ and I have a tradition. Anytime we get an order in that’s more than a dollar amount we set (which is actually quite high), we get to celebrate. How do we celebrate? By watching this video, and yes, it’s imperative you turn your speakers up when watching.

I just got in an order that qualified for the playing of the song and also qualifies me for a nice bonus that’ll roll in next month. My job is not easy at all, and days like today make me realize if I keep busting my ass, it’s all worth it come commission pay day.

And Cuz, it’s important that Clara Jane not only hears that song but sees the video as well. She’ll appreciate that poor boy’s fine dancing.

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  1. Oh, I’ll make sure she sees it, although she was doing some breakdancing moves on the couch today and damn near broke her neck when she fell. Obviously, she needs some lessons.

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