hooters trivia – may 1

Next week is our next big fundraiser and, as usual, you’re all invited! We’re having our second installment of bar trivia at the Block E Hooters located in downtown Minneapolis. You can see all of the details here and then get your team registered here.

Once again, the winning team gets to split $100 in cash. We’ll have various other prizes for trivia and a door prize or two as well.

In the very near future we’ll be announcing our raffle, which will include some incredible gift certificates, and my personal favorite – tickets to a Twins game, generously donated to us by the owners of Hubert’s Bar & Grill, which is conveniently enough the last place we had trivia. See? People like us!

If you’re in town and looking for something to do on a Tuesday night other than watch American Idol (Hi, Tivo it.), this is the place you should be! Boobs and beer and trivia – there’s gotta be at least one of those you’re a fan of, and if not, you’ll be supporting an amazing cause just for being there!

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