5 q, 5 a, all awesome

The Cuz asked me some interview question per my request. While waiting for Dancing With the Stars to end, I answered them.

And now, I guess if you want me to ask you 5 questions, I will. I’m nice and accommodating like that.
1. When are you getting your next tattoo, and what will it be?

Soon! I have a personal (and secret) goal that I’ve set for myself and once I accomplish it, I’m getting another one. I had to take this route, or I’d be getting tattoos every week. I’m trying to decide between about four different things right now. I know I want them all and all for different meanings, so it’ll just be a decision on which one to get first. Yes, I’m vague. It’s how I roll.

2. Do you rock the mic like a vandal?

If by vandal, you mean someone that’s really doing more harm than good, then yes. I tried to rock the mic like my all time favorite vandal (Vanilla Ice) one night after consuming too much alcohol. I just ran out of breath and forgot the words, if you can believe that.

3. What motivated you to get involved in your first 3-Day?

My co-worker Suzanne and my friend Erika. They both did the walk in 2004, and when I saw what they were doing and that they were making a difference, I had to do it. And then once I actually did the walk? I can’t imagine a year going by without doing it again. During those three days, I make a difference – in my life, in someone else’s life who’s dealing with breast cancer in some realm, and in the lives of everyone else that’s been lucky enough to not have a personal experience to share all because of those three days.
4. Will you make and share a video of the baby pteradactyl noise our family utilizes to indicate it’s someone else’s turn while playing dominoes?

5. What do you miss most about Missouri?

My family (Fried chicken at Grandma’s, dominoes at on every holiday and even some in between, seeing everyone less than 4 or 5 times a year) and my friends (inside high school jokes, seeing their kids grow up, hanging out with them regularly). If I could, I’d move everyone up here.


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