2 and the meaning

I walked into Uptown Tattoo last night at 6:30 with three different fonts I really, really liked, but nothing that I loved. I explained to my tattoo guy (Doug Hardy is my new tattoo guy!) what I liked about each font and what I didn’t. Less than ten minutes later, he’d produced exactly what I was looking for. And by 7:00, I was finished.

It didn’t hurt at all really. It was more of a slight burning and annoyance than anything. I described it to Jenni as a warm hug, which seemed to amuse Doug. I bled a lot afterwards, but there was still no pain. Combining that with the lovely smell of A&D Ointment has convinced me that I’ll definitely be going back for another one.
My tattoo is what is for a bevy of reasons, and I’m sure the actual explanation has been weighing on all of your minds since I posted the bloody pictures last night. A couple of meanings, I’m keeping to myself. The rest are as followed, in no particular reason:

1.) two dolla. Seriously, it’s my longest relationship ever and it’s a super important part of who I’ve been and what I’ve been through since 1999. This was originally the only meaning behind this piece, and then I started doing a little more research and found a whole lot more.

2.) B is the 2nd letter of the alphabet. This is the tribute part of the tattoo, because both sets of my grandparents have/had last names that start with B. And obviously my last name starts with it.

3.) 2002 is the year I moved to Minnesota. Obviously one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

4.) Numerology indicates that the number 2 is defined as balance and union. The Chinese culture says 2 is a good number.

5.) In sports, the #2 refers to the shooting guard (in basketball) and the catcher (in baseball). Michael Jordan (the best shooting guard EVER) and Joe Mauer (the catcher for the Twins) are two of my most favorite atheletes.

6.) On the keyboard, the #2 is on the same key as the @ sign. We all know I’m a huge geek, so that representation made a lot of sense to me.

7.) Poop is #2.

8.) Eventually, I can get an armband that says “2 Legit 2 Quit”.

And there are some more pictures Jenni took below.



  1. it won’t let me comment over on stupid LJ…

    but honey:

    “Poop is #2”
    made me laugh and laugh and laugh!!


  2. I just realized – the 10th anniversary of my first tattoo is tomorrow. I’m still plotting my #2. Not that I’ll have a #2 tattoo. I mean, my second one.

    Love yours!

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