two things or maybe more

1.) 2:50 a.m. is not an early bedtime. I don’t know why I always try to convince myself that I’ll go to bed early when I know I won’t! Unless we’re on like Chinese time or something. Then it’s gotta be early, right?

2.) I have a super big uncontrollable crush on this bartender at the 90’s. And it’d always been anonymous until now. Sometimes when you learn someone’s name, it kinda ruins it all, and you wish it’d been better left anonymous, but not really, because know you can talk about the bartender on a more personal level and yeah. Vodka Red Bull, please.
3.) In approximately 10 hours, I will be dropping off my puppy for a long, long time. Seriously. Like 10 days or something. I don’t pick him up until after work on April 2nd. He better remember me!

4.) Tomorrow’s Bon Voyage get-together is now being called SLUPPER. Because it’s like at 2:00 and what else would you call it?

5.) Umm. Never mind.


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