bon voyage for a while

I’m packed, and am just finishing one load of laundry so I can have clothes to wear when I get back to work on Monday.

I’m still trying to decide between a couple of fonts for ye ol’ tattoo appointment that’s coming on the Tuesday I get back. That could be interesting.

I dropped Riley off at the babysitter this afternoon and found out his best friend is named Eddie. He’s there with about five other dogs and he had no idea I was even leaving when I left. I know, I know, that’s a good thing. But c’mon.

While I’m gone, you can see where my ship is by clicking here and the ship even has webcams in the front and back that can be seen here. The links look best in Internet Explorer, and you know, you might see me swimming behind the ship tomorrow if there are any issues with our layover in Philadelphia.

Be good!

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  1. Leslie

    Wendy you crack me up girl! I logged onto Amazon to find a book and see a reminder about your b-day and your wishlist! So Happy Birthday!!!! Even if it’s late. Better late than never and I hope you are having fun! So good to hear from you in such a weird way!

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