where i start to panic a bit

I have successfully packed the following: flip flops, swimsuit, board shirts, tripod, six pair of socks, a waterproof camera bag, my Nintendo DS and its corresponding charger (I may unpack this), one book, a long sleeve shirt, five pair of shorts, four pair of skivvies, a pair of khaki pants, sharpies, my cruise tickets, shampoo, deodorant, a lint roller, chapstick, gum, soap, playing cards, one formal-ish shirt, seven t-shirts, my insurance card, and my passport.

I still have the following to go: camera, memory cards (5 GB better be enough!), extra battery, charger, phone charger, cash, more underpants, addresses for postcards, case for glasses, ipod and charger, my apartment keys, a pair of fancy pants for formal night, some fancy shoes for formal night, various bras, a notebook, pens, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, mousse, the anti-inflammatory prescription for my back, and tequila to wash it down.

Not too bad for being 4.5 days before we leave, and I’m really not in too bad of shape considering my bag’s only about half full right now.

Things I still have to do before Sunday morning at 3:30 a.m., which is when I’ll probably be getting up for our 5:30 a.m. flight: pick a font for my tattoo (I could probably use help for this!), make some truffles (as soon as I get almond bark. I can’t believe I forgot it!), find some photos to display at Boob Trivia tomorrow night, make various signage for the same trivia event, and have Girls’ Night on Friday (lots of dancing, yay!), a Bon Voyage lunch on Saturday, and watch a lot of important TV.

Also? Try to determine if the sinus infection I’m getting is going to warrant a trip to the doctor. Normally it wouldn’t, but normally I’m not about to spend eight days at sea. (I never get tired of saying that!)

I take Riley to the babysitter Saturday and don’t pick him up until Monday after work. I’m asking the babysitter to email me and let me know how he’s doing, because holy crap, the longest I’ve been away from him in his whole life is five days.

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