dancing with the stars premier

I watched a show tonight I never thought I’d have any interest in at all. Dancing with the Stars: Season 4. I don’t necessarily know if I’ll continue watching it, but I suppose time will tell. I already watch The Riches (awesome!) and I Love New York (I totally wanted White Boy to win), but since the latter of those two is thankfully almost over, I may have room in my regular TV schedule to fit it. As long as they don’t kick Billy Ray Cyrus off next week.

I half-assed watched the episode tonight, but when I found out they weren’t kicking anybody off until next week, I kind of lost interest. Plus, I was doing it at the same time I was packing for the cruise, and I can tell you straight away (I love it when Supernanny says that) that cruise-packing is more important than washed-up celebrity dancing any day of the week.

Laila Ali – She’s scary, but she made me want to box someone and/or something.

Billy Ray Cyrus – Hotter without the mullet. Still kind of creepy, though.

Clyde Drexler – Clyde the Glide from the Portland Trailblazers! Possibly the #2 shooting guard in the NBA during Michael Jordan’s career.

Joey Fatone – My 3rd favorite boy from N’Sync (behind Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass, of course)

Shandi Finnessey – I don’t really know who she is, but her name is Shandi, which means I dislike her by default.

Leeza Gibbons – Never liked her, and this won’t improve on that.

Heather Mills – How wrong is it that I want her leg to fall off? I’ve never really liked her either.

Apolo Anton Ohno – Ohhh nooo, I love this kid.

Paulina Porizkova – I don’t really know a lot about her, but I didn’t think she’d been all that popular in recent years.

John Ratzenberger – Kind of adorable when he dances!

Ian Ziering – My least favorite character ever on 90210, because who pronounces their first name like Eye-N?


  1. I have to admit that I don’t watch, but my very-Christian-but-not-above-a-little-snark boss does. He and his wife are ballroom dancers, and they got to perform on the Dancing with the Stars tour that whizzed through her some time ago. So there’s your brush with fame: a blog comment from somebody who works for somebody who performed on the tour, but only once. Oh, boy.

  2. PeeWee

    I wanted WhiteBoy to win the I Love New York contest. Once she dumped him, I was rooting for Real. Now Real is gone, and I am DONE with her.

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