the ides of march hate me

Every Thursday (or at least close to it), I join Jenni, Matt, and Cindi at Keegan’s Pub for a round of trivia. Usually, we find ourselves in first or second place. Our prize includes a free drink and an entry into a drawing where we can win a trip for 2 to Boston.

Tuesday, as I was diligently working from home, I got a call from Keegan’s that started out like this after they confirmed it was me: “Hi, we were calling about the trivia contest and the trip to Boston.” They continued on and as it turns out, they were just reminding me I had to be there tonight to win.

However, they didn’t call Jenni or Matt or Cindi. So, we all got excited and thought that I’d actually won a trip for Boston, which would make my impending trip in September a whole hell of a lot cheaper. We found out today, though, that they also called Jumi, which kinda indicates to us that they were just expecting everyone else to be there since they’re there every week without fail.

Too bad hockey is more important this week, and too bad I’ll have to actually pay to go to Boston this fall!

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