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Between Jenni and Jodi and all of their tattoo stories/inspiration, I just picked what I want done today. No, you can’t know what it is, because it’s going to be a secret until it’s done. Only a few people are gonna know, although considering I decided on it less than an hour ago and I’ve already told give people, I’m not sure how long that whole secret thing will last. I’m been going back and forth about what I want; this just hit me super hard today and it was so obvious I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier!

Tonight’s project? Fire up Photoshop and figure out which font will look the most awesome on my arm.

My longterm project? To not go crazy until I get it done and to remind myself it’s not a good idea to get it done while in Puerto Rico or any other island in the Caribbean that I might be visiting in two weeks.

Update: My appointment has been scheduled for April 3! Hopefully I’m not too burned from the sun, since it’s two days after we get back from the cruise!

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  1. Well, if you’re gonna be out sunning and swimming and all that junk — it’s better to wait. They tell you to stay out of the sun and soaking water while the tattoo heals. So that should help with the tattoo-jones.

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