it probably can’t be analyzed

I had two dreams last night. One, I won’t be posting, because it’s too creepy. The second one? Pretty jacked up, but I felt like it was the never-ending dream, so here it is:

I was friends with Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi. (Why wouldn’t I be, right?) We were at the Oscars, but there weren’t a lot of people there. I was playing with the band and then walked back to see Ellen and Portia. Ellen was talking to someone else, so Portia and I joked around for a while. I had my arm around her for a while, because we were sitting down and that’s just what I do. Next thing I know, Ellen has her arm on top of mine and we’re all chatting away. It seemed like a long part of my dream involved these two.

I go back up to play with the band, and after we’re done, Owen Wilson comes out to present an Oscar with someone else. The stage is set up with an aquarium on one side and a water slide on the other. As soon as Owen Wilson steps up to the mic, a mermaid jumps out of the aquarium into his arms. And then he motions to me to throw water on them, so I grab the carafe of water that’s sitting on Oprah’s table and splash it onto the mermaid. Next thing I know, I’m winning an Oscar. For Best Heckler. I don’t give a speech, I just climb up the water slide, grab it, and jump back down.

We start to leave and there are cars lined up for everyone to take. I hope on the right side of some convertible car, which is actually the driver’s side, and Jenni’s sitting in the car next to me in the passenger side, which is actually the left side. She tells me to make sure I’m awake when I drive through Memphis. Wynton Marsalis gets into my car with me, and we take off.

And then I wake up.

I seriously need someone that analyzes dream for a living to tell me what this one means.

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