two things for now

Firstly, we’re still one team short for fantasy baseball. Here are the details. As soon as one more person’s registered, we’ll have our draft and everyone but me can start losing.

And secondly, tomorrow is the final registration day for Team Boobylicious’ Bar Trivia. Trivia details are here and the registration form can be found online right here. $100 cash prize for the winning team, plus various other prizes and games throughout the night. Beer, boobs, trivia – it doesn’t get any better. I’d love to see all of you there. (If you’re not a trivia fan, you can still come and join the fun! We just want to make sure Hubert’s knows a general number of how many people to expect!)

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  1. Bill

    that draft – scheduled during my class. I’ll try to make it for at least part of it, but I probably won’t…

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