the celebrating of 29

While I still have a few more days left of 28, a good chunk of celebrating has already be done. I took my camera, but I can’t really remember taking any pictures that were of any quality worth posting. That means you get links to everyone else’s pictures and also Jenni’s recap.
Friday: We all met up at Grumpy’s, where someone had just finished celebrating their 60th birthday. The staff dropped off the leftover decorations with us, and even offered us some leftover cake, which we politely declined. I couldn’t turn down wearing as many as I could. After a birthday shot and part of my birthday from Jumi, we headed downtown to dance, dance, dance at the Gay 90’s. Before we left the parking garage, Jumi made Cindi get into her trunk. No seriously. Bedtime 3 a.m.

Saturday: I woke up at 8. And didn’t even take a nap. But I don’t honestly remember what I did until time to go to dinner at Pizza Luce at 7 for Awesome Pizza. Then, it was off to Liquor Lyle’s to watch the Gopher hockey game that ended horribly for all my Gopher-fan friends, but was soon forgotten with 2-for-1 shots. I also got a swell gift from Jenni. After Lyle’s, I made the executive decision (by flipping a coin) to go to the Northeast Yacht Club for a drink or two, as well as running into some douchebag in the parking lot that we all yelled at before leaving. The Otter (full name: U Otter Stop Inn) was our next destination where there was karaoke (Vehicle by Matt and Private Dancer by Jumi), a flower of some sort, and a big long whopper of a story I told some guy wearing a sweater vest who also claimed to be writing a novel. I hope he uses the story idea I gave him.

We lost an hour with the whole springing ahead thing, but lucky for us, our new after-bar place is open all the time. Santana Foods. It’s a place I’ll never go sober, because I don’t want to find out the hamburgers and fries are super disgusting. 14 ounces of pepper just tastes so good on French fries after a long alcohol-fueled night! Bedtime 4 a.m., if you don’t take into consideration the time change.

Sunday: Bag/shoe shopping. At REI, nice try. I found a non-purse bag there that I can carry all the time (or at least when traveling) and a nalgene bottle, which has already done it’s trick of making me drink more water. I couldn’t find any shoes I liked. I can’t imagine why. We headed to the airport to pick up Andy, but I was hoping to find Belinda. I never did. It was a quick run to the Mall of America for more shoe shopping, except I still didn’t find any sneakers that I want for the cruise. Sad. Bedtime for me 9:30 p.m.

Yep, best weekend ever. Since last weekend.

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