spain holidays

I posted before about how I had to get a passport for the cruise I’ll be on in less than two weeks, not that I’m counting down the hours until disembarkation or anything. I found out a few weeks ago, though, that since we’re on a cruise, we’re not getting any passport stamps. Four different islands and no proof of it anywhere official! You can imagine my disappointment when I found out not even Canada gives out stamps.

Now that I actually have a passport, my interest in leaving American soil once again has been slightly piqued. And if beaches are involved, I would do whale watching long beach? Even more intriguing at this point. Even to the point that maybe some Spain holidays are in order.

When hotel-type accommodations include things like free daily tea and biscuits and measurements listed in meters, it’s hard to say no, right?

Besides, what’s the likelihood that I’ll get my pockets picked by roving gypsies while taking advantage of the gorgeous white sand and sparkling clear water of the Mediterranean Sea? All the pictures I’ve seen make the beaches look so much more less infested with annoying tourists then places like Hawaii and the Bahamas, and that’s definitely boosts appeal for me!

There are even shopping centers in Barcelona that are right on the water and contain half shops (perfect for the day) and half clubs (even more perfect for the night). A trip to Spain certainly doesn’t make me think I’ll run out of things to do even after it gets dark outside with the amazing nightlife it appears to offer its tourists and the people that live there year ’round.
On second thought, maybe I’ll just make sure I enjoy Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas in the next couple of weeks before I start planning out trips across oceans.


  1. Ooh, pick Spain, pick Spain! We spent a week in Almeria, on the southern coast a few years ago and it was beautiful. Beaches, friendly people, gorgeous mountains etc.

  2. Bill

    not only do they not stamp it, but you can leave it on the boat the whole time… I only showed mine twice, once when we boarded and once in St Thomas. Not even in PR. It stayed in the safe in our room the whole time because you only needed photo ID ashore…

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