stupid and contagious

  A few weeks ago, I was ordering a tripod from Amazon. I went to checkout and ended up getting Stupid and Contagious so I could get free shipping. Yes, I know paying the shipping would have been cheaper, but Amazon successfully tricks me every time. Hey, it gets me to read new books, so I won’t complain much more.

I hadn’t heard any recommendations or read any reviews about this book, but it just sounded like something I’d like. And, man, it totally was.

It’s not a long book at all, and it’s got my favorite thing ever – short chapters. The book’s told from the view of two different characters, but it’s not as confusing as it might sound. It’s funny and real, and any book I read that’s just real – like something I can actually relate to without stretching too much – gets extra bonus points for me.

I don’t want to read a sappy romance novel (unless it contains smut and uses the word mound or throbbing manhood) or a book about vampires that are going to take over the world. I have no interest and will never make it through the book, unless it’s just to find the words throbbing manhood.

Stupid and Contagious is cute and silly and everything that some of you probably hate, but man, I really loved it so much and was even late going out one night this week because I was reading it. Yes, me, reading over drinking – it’s clearly unheard of and will never happen again.
The author, Caprice Crane, uses to write for MTV. This is her first novel, but I’m hoping her second, which is coming out soon and in movie format after that, isn’t a let down, because holy crap, I’ll read all of her books.

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  1. That one looks really good. Since you liked it, you might check out “Which Brings Me to You” by Steve Almond and Julianna Baggot. It’s also told from two viewpoints – a man and woman who almost have sex in a coat room at a wedding, but instead decide to swap letters and get to know each other. It’s a bit more serious, but it’s so damn readable and addictive. And there’s smut. You know I don’t go for romancy-type crap, but I really liked this book.

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