i just need a cool visor

Brace yourself for this one.

When I’m at home, I rarely spend time in front of the computer anymore. The exception to that is when I bring my work computer home and work in the evenings. But my desk? Mainly just to hold things – things like a statement from the clinic saying I didn’t pay something that should be covered by the car insurance from my accident last October, blank CDs, some Method window wash, and Poker Chips from every casino we visited in Vegas a couple of months ago (Ebay purchase I had to have).

The poker chips keep reminding me that I’ve been wanting to set up some type of revolving poker night at my house for a long time now. I’m sure we could make it a regular thing without too much hassle. My folks got me a case full of chips a Christmas or two ago and I still haven’t really give ’em a good run.

I could always turn the spare bedroom into a poker room with a table like this or any other absolutely overboard setup that I just seem to want really bad. I can set a ladder by the window and just run an illegal gambling ring right out of my apartment.

Or I can just stick to online poker where I get frustrated with the 15-year-olds that go all in on every single hand they have.

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