i may explode right now

Know how to make me happy, like ridiculously happy? Schedule something like this:

Discover sailing and snorkelling in the Virgin Islands. Your experienced crew caters for your every whim during your cruise. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride or learn some sailing basics. Feel the exhilaration of sailing in the Caribbean. You can help trim the sails or take the helm. Once anchored at Buck Island’s “Turtle Cove”, your crew will provide you with mask, snorkel, fins and a flotation vest. Participants are required to snorkel in pairs. Explore coral covered boulders and observe tropical fish in their natural habitat. We frequently encounter the endangered “Green” sea turtle and a variety of “Rays” as well as the resident “Yellow Tails” and “Parrot Fish”. Not into water sports, relax on board in the sun or in the shade and sip a cool drink. Snacks will be served. Water, beer and rum drinks are available after your snorkel. Mask, fins, snorkel and snorkeling vest are included.

Because that’s where I’ll be for three hours on the 28th of this month, which is exactly 19 days away.

It’s weird, because this whole cruise thing still isn’t a reality for me!


  1. Heh, first time I read this I thought it said, “Water, beet and rum drinks are available IN your snorkel.” That would be even better!

  2. Beware the rum punch! There is video . . . of me somewhere near the Island of Belize . . . not only dancing the macarena . . . but drinking rum punch . . . out of the pitcher! Yeah, me.

  3. Oh yeah … gotta love that rum punch.

    If the weather is awful and the waves are tossing your ship around … rum punch is the cure. It made me find my equilibrium and I do believe I was the only person on the ship that could walk straight. :D

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