cranky ol’ motley fool

I don’t follow the finance world or stocks or anything like that at all. I probably should, but I know nothing about them and I’m too busy following sports scores and reality TV.

I just got an email from a former co-worker today with a link to Motley Fool about the company that pays my bills. Motley Fool basically thinks my company sucks, but the thing that bothered me most? They think the sales force is a bad problem. Hey, wait a second, that’s me you’re rippin’ on dear writers of Motley Fool! What’d I ever do to you besides apparently not sell very much? Maaaan.

I’m not taking it personal, because I know it’s just someone’s opinion, but c’mon! Let’s just check with Wendy before you go slamming her position. That’s not asking a lot, is it?

On another note, this makes me laugh every time I see it:



  1. I must chime in that I’ve found the Motley Fool to be a very reliable source of financial information and advice. I have two BMW’s in my garage to prove it . . . . The Motley Fool was instrumental in helping me make the money to pay for those cars. Sorry :(

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