easily lost, that’s me

I really wanted to go to work with Matt (and Jenni, too) tonight. Apparently when you freelance for a magazine, you get to have bartenders make you special drinks and then write about them. Hello, awesome job.

Instead, I opted to stay at home (after dinner), work on “increasing my pipeline” (how hot does that sound?), and trying to talk myself out of ordering a GPS system for my car from Abt Electronics. As much as I get lost when trying to venture into the scary city of Minneapolis, it would absolutely be a great investment. I just know nothing about any type of car navigation systems, so I can appreciate a site that gives me as much information as I need without going way over my head. And in this case, going over my head isn’t all that hard to do.

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So far the cruise, and after I’ve put money away for the multiple other trips I have planned for the rest of the year, GPS system, here I come!

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