it’s been 5 years

Today marks five years of me living in Minnesota.

Exactly five years ago today, I was rolling into St. Paul about to see my first Minnesota residence for the first time. About four hours after I’d left Missouri, I got a call from who was supposed to be my employer (Qwest – jackasses) telling me that they were going to have to push out my start date of employment two more months. Since I’d been out of work for the two months before that, I was in no shape to be moving anywhere without a job or a stash in the bank at all. It took me about 45 seconds to decide that since I was already on my way, I should keep on driving north. And here I still am.

In five years, I’ve worked for three companies (had 8 different job titles), had five different addresses, and lived with eight different roommates. I’ve been in the back of a cop car twice (but never been arrested!) and had three car accidents. I’ve raised over $5000 for breast cancer and walked close to 120 miles for the same reason.

I’ve made some tremendous new friends and kept in touch with the important ones that don’t live here. I’ve lost two grandparents, but feel safer knowing they’re watching over me more now than ever before.

I’ve been to Milwaukee (at least 10 times), Chicago, Boston (twice), Las Vegas, Phoenix (twice), the North Woods, Indianapolis, Oklahoma, New Jersey (twice), New Hampshire (I walked through it!), and New York.

I bought a dog. I fell in love with a baseball team. I’ve found self-confidence, learned the meaning of pride, and now know not to fear who I really am. And most importantly? I’ve danced more than I’ve ever danced before.

Yeah, I think I’m gonna stick around here for a while…

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  1. Isn’t finding the right place wonderful? Before I moved to Missouri, I’m not sure I could have confidently pointed it out on a map. Now, I can’t imagine leaving.

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