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The Top 8 Boys are in the house tonight, and it’s down to only an hour of forced Coke commercials and not-so-witty comebacks by Ryan. We got rid of A.J. Tabaldo and Nick Pedro last week, both of which I’d guessed incorrectly, but I’m not very good at this guessing part of it anyway.

This week, we get to learn about secrets each of the contestants. I hope there are some good ones and not some douchey “I like asparagus” or “I want to be an astronaut” videos. I want some raw secrets, suckers. You better give ’em to me.

Blake LewisAll Mixed Up – I’m scared he’s gonna overdo things with the compliments he got on the whole beatboxing thing last week, and then Simon’s gonna go back to the “it’s not a beatboxing competition”. He’s always fun, though, and this week wasn’t an exception. I voted for him even, mainly because a lot of the other guys make me want to go to sleep!
Randy didn’t recognize the song (nor did I), but he thought it was hot anyway. Paula was clueless on the song as well, but loved it. Simon thinks he stands out in the crowd and makes the show current.

Sanjaya MalakarWaiting for the World – He has a secret and his secret is that he can hula. Wow. He picked a John Mayer song, because they told him the song he picked last week was too old for him. I see his logic; I’m just not sure straightening his hair and singing a current Top 40 song is gonna do it for him. But I still think he’s adorable.

Randy isn’t sure what happened to him since they first saw him. Paula doesn’t really agree with Randy, but encourages him to step out of his comfort zone and to keep trying. Simon throws out the “singing competition” line and says he’s not sure how he’s still in the competition.

Sundance HeadJeremy – Dude, what the hell is wrong with this guy? I know I didn’t even like him in his auditions, because his name bothered me a lot. He’s another guy who I’m not sure should be this far in the game, and Pearl Jam doesn’t help him. It is fun trying to watch the backup singers sing Pearl Jam backup.

Randy and Paula compliment Sundance on giving his own spin on the song. Simon things he’s lost his charm since last week and he didn’t get the song.

Chris RichardsonTonight I Wanna Cry – His secret? He used to be big-boned. Ha. Country sure isn’t what I was expecting from this fella tonight, but that’s probably why he decided to go ahead and do it. It wasn’t really his best, and I can’t look at him when he sings, because he reminds me exactly of Justin Timberlake.

Randy says he’s in it to win it, and Paula says he picked a great song. Simon thinks it’s good and cutesy, and says he still doesn’t think we’ve heard what he can really do.

Jared CotterIf You Really Love Me – I always knew he was a tall drink of water, and his “secret talent” of playing basketball kinda solves that mystery for me. He’s super duper likable, which makes it just the hardest bit difficult for me to say he doesn’t really have any business singing a Stevie Wonder song.

Randy says he gave a solid performance and it was good. Paula wants him to color up the way he sings and Simon agrees. He also says his performance may get lost in the mix.

Brandon RogersI Just Want to Celebrate – He’s been playing classical piano since he was 9. You know, with Brandon, he just kind of looks like a backup singer when he’s forcing a smile the whole time he’s singing. I’m glad he didn’t do that tonight, and I liked his performance a lot better tonight than I had in weeks in the past.

Randy calls it a solid performance and Paula calls it pretty phenomenal. Simon doesn’t think he’s represented himself well at this stage in the competition, and is nervous for him after his performance this week.

Phil StaceyI Need You – His secret is about his hair and how he used to have some. Neato. Man, I thought he started the song really, really bad. Like painfully bad and out of tune. It’s a Leann Rimes song, so I get that it’s gonna sound different, but I think by different it means it’s still supposed to sound good. And I don’t think it does. Maybe I’m wrong.

Randy calls it an interesting song choice and says he reminds him of Steve Perry. Don’t stop believin’, Phil Stacey! Paula doesn’t think it was his best performance, and Simon thought it was insane at the beginning.

Chris SlighWanna Be Loved – His secret? Again with the hair. Huh. I kinda think his song choices are always boring, and this one isn’t any different. He’s just good at what he sings, like I say every week.

Randy thinks it was the best performance of the night, but Paula thinks it was just middle of the road. Simon thought the beginning was good, but thought he shouted during the middle of the song.

My off-the-wall guess at who may be going home this week: Phil Stacey (because it was really, really bad) and Sanjaya Malakar (because he wasn’t really great either).

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  1. No way will they send Phil Stacey home! Yeah, he sucked last night, but he’s too consistantly good. I have a feeling Sanjaya will be around for a long time because he’s cute and harmless. He’ll get the teen girl vote. Remember that redheaded John guy from a few seasons back? He sucked, but was one of the last to go. Sanjaya will be like that.

    I think Sundance will go home. I loved him in auditions, but he’s blown in competition. “Jeremey”? Honestly? Are you on crack, Sundance? I love Pearl Jam, but that’s so not a good song choice. I was actually uncomfortable because I knew the word “fuck” and the part about the recess lady getting chomp on the boobie were in that verse. That made it really, really awkward.

    Last week I would have said Brandon and Jared wouldn’t make the top 12. Not so sure now. I liked both of them last night.

    Love Blake and both Chrises. They’ll make it. In a sane world, Sundance and Sanjaya will go home.

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