the weekend of lots of stuff

I like weekend recaps, because I like reliving my weekend on Monday mornings. It makes the week start out awesome.

I worked from home because nobody had bothered to clean the foot of snow off my parking lot, and Lucky Number Seven is not equipped with four-wheel drive.

After work, I picked up my new glasses with the correct prescription, made a couple other pit-stops, and then joined Matt and Jenni at Liquor Lyle’s for hockey-watching and 2-for-1s. I may have possibly consumed 7 vodka Red Bulls before leaving. Cindi eventually joined us and then we did some bar-hopping and it was fun. I think.

I also sang Ice, Ice Baby at the Otter since every night there is karaoke night. I sang it badly, and if you could keep that from Vanilla Ice, I’d appreciate it.

I got home at 8. Yeah. And then met up with The Crew at a park in Minneapolis where we did a little snow-tubing and way too much snowshoeing that my back is really pissed off about right about now. I’m glad it’s chiropractor day for sure.

We went back to Jenni’s to change into dry clothes and then onto Grumpy’s for some pre-hockey game food. We watched the Gophers last regular season home game of the season, and I got to introduce Jenni and Stephanie to one of my favorite boys at work. And then I called it a night and was home in bed by midnight. I’m hardcore like that. My pictures from Saturday are right here.

Brunch at Town Talk with everyone at 1pm. I love that place a lot and each time I go, I love it even more. Sunday was the first time I’d ever seen it in the light and realized the sign out front is actually not black – it’s like teal or something!

I finally went to buy some boots for the first time since moving to Minnesota, and took Riley across the street to do a little running. I took a frisbee, but he didn’t quite understand the concept of digging it out of the snow and bringing it back to me. We’ll work on that. He and I were both ready for bed by 10. We’re hardcore like that.

I had to include my favorite picture from the weekend, too. Jumi took this of Cindi and I as we were demonstrating our tandem snow-tubing technique. Thankfully, we didn’t actually attempt it or injuries may have been sustained. And probably bad ones.

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