For a while now, I’ve been listening to music that you wouldn’t normally find on my iPod. I’m sure the majority of you are relieved I’m listening to something other than Hanson remixes and former American Idol contestants. I guess it all started with my co-workers “New Orleans-style brass band” and has kind of gotten out of control from there. My latest find that I listen to anytime I’m in front of a computer? Blues Bands.

There are TON of them out there and I never hear them because they don’t fit into the whole Top 40 realm that every radio station in the world obsesses over. That’s why I love the internets so much, I guess.

Where else can you go and find so many unsigned artists within a particular distance from where you live? Unsigned, independent shows are always the best ones. I think I’m going to have to sacrifice some of my nights of drinking for some more live music. Or maybe combine the two, now we’re talking.

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