things are different these days

You know what always reminds me of how things have changed over time? Movies. Seriously.

At the recommendation of my Work BFF™, I had Netflix send me Roman Holiday. It’s her favorite movie, and how can we continue our Work BFF™ relationship if I’ve never seen her favorite movie?

In one of the first scenes of the movie, Audrey Hepburn is passed out in the back of a cab and Gregory Peck is smacking her upside the face to try to wake her up.

I realize their’s no current comparison to Audrey to make this a fair comparison, but if one were to make a movie in 2007 with maybe Brad Pitt leaving hand prints on Reese Witherspoon’s little face, it would be rated R for questionable violence. Now, the Netflix envelope for the DVD says Roman Holiday is unrated, but I have a feeling you wouldn’t have had to be 17 to see this 54 years ago when the movie was made.

What are your favorite movies? We can’t be Blog BFF™s if I haven’t seen your favorite movie!


  1. I’ve seen Se7en and loved it. I should watch it again…

    I’ll add Reservoir Dogs to the list! I think I got it once and sent it back without watching it once for some reason…

  2. The Sound of Music is one I’m embarrassed I haven’t seen. I think I bough t it once just to say I have it.

    And Friday? Yes, definitely a classic!

  3. I can’t narrow it down to a single favorite. My default answer is Purple Rain because I love Prince and I don’t care at all that it isn’t a very good movie. At least it is an original answer.

    The movies we own are all comedies that I can watch over and over (So I Married an Axe Murderer, Tommy Boy, Dirty Work, Happy Gilmore etc.)

  4. I can absolutely appreciate comedies like that… that’s probably the majority of my collection, too. Anchorman, Zoolander, and the ones you’ve mentioned!

    Man, I haven’t seen Purple Rain in forever. AND, when you’re here for The 3 Day, it’s like you’ll be visiting where Prince is FROM. ;)

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