ted bundy revisited

0393050297.jpgWhen I was a kid, probably in 4th grade or so, I borrowed a book from my grandma. It was called The Stranger Beside Me, which wasn’t exactly on the 10-year-old reading list at the public library. It was one of my grandma’s many, many, many true-crime novels that she read on a regular basis. She’d pick them up for a quarter at a garage sale and pass them on to me or to my mom or to my aunts and great-aunts. A story about a raving lunatic that killed over 30 women was apparently the type of heirloom that went from generation to generation in my family.

I was at the bookstore in January when I saw this book and figured, after almost 20 years, I’d give another read through. Ted Bundy clearly hasn’t changed since the last time I read the book, but I guess that wasn’t very likely considering he fried in the electric chair in 1989, which was probably after the first time I read it.

I didn’t read my two books for the month in February, but I have excuses. It was a short month and this book had lots of pages. (Wow, I’m lame.)

Ann Rule writes a lot of these true crime books, and I know I read a lot of them prior to puberty, but it’s kind of fun to go back and re-read them. Once I read all of the books in the world, I’ll have to go back and give some more of her books a once over.

For March, I’m picking shorter books because I have some making up to do!

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