PASSPORT!To say I was excited when I opened my U.S. Government Official Mail yesterday would be an understatement. I don’t know why I was so giddy about it, but I sure as hell was.

I guess five years ago, while I was making $6.50/hour as a sportswriter for my local newspaper, I never really thought I’d have a need for a passport. And here I am now, super excited about getting to actually use it. Maybe now I’ll apply for The Amazing Race, since that’s the main reason I never did before.

We’re down to 23 days before I set sail on a very large boat, with two of my most awesome friends ever, to see beaches and islands that I’ve thought I’d just see in pictures. I mean, really, what business do I have spending a day in the Domincan Republic? Probably none, but I’ll be there anyway, dammit.

I can now officially say bring on the Caribbean rum!


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