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Two weeks in a row where I have managed to fall asleep during the girls’ night, even though they’re probably better as a group. Hmm. I’m not sure what this means, but before I analyze it too much, let’s just go over a few things.I don’t remember any of their performances from last week, except Lakisha, who sang the song from Dreamgirls, and I just remember Jordin Sparks, because she’s adorable. I remember Antonella whatever her last name is sucking, and then reading about semi-dirty pictures of her showing up all over the internet. I just remember Melinda Doolittle’s name, and for the rest of them? Sorry, girls. I got nothin’.

It’s only one more week of this three night week bullshit, right? I’m tired of hearing Paula tell all the girls they’re beautiful. They may be, but seriously who cares.
Gina GlocksenAlone – There’s a reason she hasn’t made the finals any other season. I’m just sayin’. I don’t think the prom-like dress really fits her in the sense that, well, it’s not really her personality. I love that A.J. Tabaldo is singing along with every word… to a song by Heart. I think she’s actually really, really good. I do.

Randy says she was pitchy at first, but ended up doing a really good job. Paula mentions something about Carrie Underwood singing it two years ago and nobody really cares. Simon likes her song choice, but thinks her vocals were slightly forced at the end.

Alaina Alexander Not Ready to Make Nice – I wish she wouldn’t have picked this song. It’s a horrible choice for her. The song’s about something important and she’s just singing words without feeling, despite her ANGRY SCOWL at the end. Me? Not a fan.

Randy thought the first couple of bars were good and thought it was a mess. Paula calls her pitchy, too, and tells her the song is a really hard song to sing. (I don’t know what she’s talking about because it’s not hard for me to sing in my car!) Simon makes some type of comparison to her performance and Randy running the 100 meter dash.

Lakisha JonesMidnight Train to Georgia – She’s really, really, really good. I think she’s someone that can sing any song they throw at her, and I can’t really imagine any of the theme weeks being too rough on her. I just wish she wouldn’t dance around so silly with that short skirt on. I don’t need to see A.I. cooch this early in the game.

Randy said it was hot, and he said hot four times. Paula loved it and she loves Lakisha. Simon calls her a phenomenal singer, but doesn’t think it’s as good as last week’s performance.

Melinda DoolittleMy Funny Valentine – There are two performances of this song that I remember – Constantine Mouralis’ version for a few years back on Idol and Matt Damon singing it in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Melinda’s version may very well be added to that group. I like watching her because she doesn’t even give off the impression that she has to try. I’m just scared that votes are going to be split between Melinda and Lakisha.
Randy thinks it was unbelievable and is the one to beat tonight. Paula called her performance astounding. Simon calls it incredible and says she doesn’t know how good she really is.

Antonella Slutbag BoobsBecause You Loved Me – Really? Was she even good in her auditions? I just remember some drama during group week with her. You know who she kinda reminds me of? Jessica Simpson. Her family’s so Italian that I may get thrown in to swim with the fishes for calling her bad names every week. But I’m just willing to take that chance. Man, if you add the fact that she’s not all that good with the Celine song she’s trying to sing, it kinda makes me want to puke.

Haha. Randy says he wishes he could sing like Celine, too, but he can’t. Simon says she was worse than last week, even though Paula just finished saying she’d improved leaps and bounds.

Jordin SparksReflection – I love this girl. She’s adorable and she can really, really sing for someone that’s just 17. Does the crowd have to find some way to clap during every song? Yay, I love her a lot, and I kinda think she should hook up with Sanjaya, and they’ll be the cutest American Idol couple under 18 ever.

Randy says it wasn’t the best she’s done, but it’s still really good. Paula uses the word infectious, which she finds a way to use every single year, and then calls her a lot of really flattering adjectives. Simon says it wasn’t her best, but was still very good.

Stephanie EdwardsDangerously in Love – I don’t know that I’ve heard this song, but then again I let my subscription to the Beyonce Fan Club expire. She’s another one that I think can nail any theme-type song that’s thrown at her. Especially if they have Beyonce week.

Randy tells her not to try to imitate Beyonce so much. Simon and Paula actually agree that she was terrific.

Leslie HuntFeelin’ Good – I’d like her more if she wouldn’t wear tights and not dance around like a stripper, but I guess that’s just my opinion. A.J. sang this Tuesday night, but I can’t remember who actually did a better job.

Randy thinks it was pitchy, but loved the beginning. Paula is happy she’s back being her. Simon isn’t a fan.

Haley ScarnatoQueen of the Night – I love it when they say “ha” after every line, and I also love it when they pick songs that have more background singing then lead. Actually, I’m okay with it when it comes to her. I think Haley and Antonella Poopface are probably AI BFF, and they probably took turns crimping each others hair before tonight’s episode.

Randy doesn’t like it, Paula thinks it’s better than last week, and Simon gives her an A for effort?

Sabrina SloanHe Fills Me Up – I didn’t even know she was in the competition, and it’s kind of a weird song to dedicate to your grandma. She’s super talented and this performance is too.

Randy loves that she shows her voice, and so does Paula. Simon preferred her last week, but says she’ll be back next week.
Going home, I hope, will be: Antonella Crotchlick and, I guess Alaina Alexander, but there were quite a few that did not have good performances at all.

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