riley needs accessories

Tuesdays are my work from home days, which means one 70+ pound dog that I live with gets to sleep on the couch all days, as opposed to sleeping in his kennel that’s padded with three pillows and one of my t-shirts. I don’t mind him on my couch (or the rest of my furniture for that matter), but sometimes the tiny white hairs that cover ever soft surface in my apartment can get overwhelming.

Also a problem? The backseat of my car. He likes car rides, so I take him with me a lot. But it looks like a polar bear’s been shaved in the backseat. For the first time ever, I’m strongly considering buying some type of a seat cover, so my human’s recliners aren’t covered with Riley hair.

A flat bed sheet was working for a while, but it kept falling off (or maybe someone kept pulling it off when I wasn’t looking), so the straps on something like this look really appealing.

I tell ya what, that dog of mine? He’s an expensive little guy, that is for sure. But you know what? Absolutely worth every last penny.

I’m just glad he’s the size that he is, or I’d probably have about 298 dog carriers filling up my spare bedroom, so I could carry him all over the place. You know, like my own personal accessory.

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