let’s talk about your tattoos

Dear Mom and Dad, sorry you had to read it here first, but…

I really want a tattoo. Really bad. I’ve wanted one since I was maybe 20, but it never seemed to work out for one reason or another. Plus, I couldn’t decide what I wanted. And the thing is, I’m still on that whole indecisiveness trail. Only now, I know exactly where I want it and where I want to get it done. However, without an idea of what should be forever drawn onto my skin is still escaping me.

I have a couple of ideas that I’m going back and forth between, and I’m sure I’ll decide on something soon, but in the meantime, let’s talk about your tattoos.

What are they, and where are they? How did you decide on them?

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  1. I’ve got two.

    The first one I got is a vine/flower thing around my right arm (where the guns are). In retrospect I wouldn’t pick this specific design again, but it’s cool. It’s my incentive to keep my arms in shape. For the rest of my life.

    The second one is a Taurus symbol on the front of my left hip. Supposedly, there is a patch of skin in that area that never stretches. I kind of doubt it, but whatever. That one was an easy decision.

    The one I want next is a henna tattoo design on the inside of my forearm. It would be brown like a henna tattoo, except it would be permanent. It’ll be nice and subtle on my brown arms.

    And it’s totally true that thing about how once you get one tattoo, you start wanting more. As soon as you forget how much it hurts.

  2. Don’t have any, but thought about getting my wife and daughter’s name like on an arm or something. And, if I did it, I’d have them write the names as small as possible. That way, I could say I have one, but it wouldn’t be too noticeable. Almost like you’d have to get really close to see it.

  3. Leigh

    Because I am an Internet Geek, I have a flickr set of my tats.

    I always knew I wanted black roses for my first tattoo, so that one was easy. I wanted it on my back, but not a tramp stamp, so it’s on my right side instead.

    I collect and love bats, so the bats on my shoulder and my hip were pretty easy choices. Although I would not get another one on my hipbone because it hurt like a mofo. That one needs to be fixed and I refuse to go in and do it.

    The dragon on my thigh is my favorite one. I saw it and loved it and made an appointment to get it done right away. It has so much color! Another black rose too.

    The kanji on my breast was a total impulse decision. But it’s sexy and I love it. And yes, it really does say what it’s supposed to.

    My Faster Pussycat skull was to commemorate my love for my band boys and to always remind me of my first ever trip to Hollyweird. It’s in a weird spot and my mom hates it, but I still love it.

    Anyhow, my advice is to be sure to check out the place you’re going to. Don’t just walk into any old place. And don’t get cartoon characters. Well, maybe that’s just my rule. But still, it’s a good idea.

  4. I’ve got a gecko just above my right hip-bone. I have no idea how I decided on this particular critter, but I do like him, so it’s all good.

    The next tat will be on my back, a ginormous sun. Not so much tribal, but very close to it. I just need to find the right place to have it done and do it.

  5. 6

    My left bicep and right shoulder blade are bears from a children’s book I grew up reading.
    Tulips on my left thigh
    Magnolias in a half circle around my navel
    Fish on my ankle (now covered)
    Very large, colorful peony on my ankle, covering my fish (ankle is a bit of a stretch, since it reaches from the top of my foot to well over half-way up my calf.

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