straight from the relationship doctor

Are you the woman that men are looking for? I know that’s a question I constantly ask myself. Ha. Hahaha. Oh, man. It’s okay. I laughed for a good while, too.

In ANY case, if you were wondering where you might be able find out this valuable, and possibly lifelong desired information? Understanding Men can help. And of course there’s a book and a blog to go along with it, all written by “The Relationship Doctor” himself, Bob Grant. Yeah, I’ve never heard of him either, but if he’s calling himself the Relationship Doctor, he must be good at what he does. You can see by yourself just checkin this toenail fungus operation.

When I see a site like this, I always think of those books like “How to Get the Man You Want To Marry in 23 Days Or Less” or “Here’s How to be the Lady of His Dreams!”. And you know what? You shouldn’t have to read a book, or in this case a website, to figure out how to land that hot piece of meat you’ve had your eye on two doors down from you. I can guarantee the main thing he’s gonna want is for you to be yourself and following someone else’s “how-to” guide is certainly not the way to go.

Maybe it’s at least good for some entertainment value. Also entertainment value? Me offering relationship advice!

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