lots of white*

Today might be my last day from working home on Tuesdays, so I took advantage of it over lunch. Riley and I headed across the street to run and take photos. You can guess who chose which activity, I’m sure.

In photography class, we had some composition-related homework, so with the snow all over the place, it was easy to take some shots that fit into our assignment, as well as set my white*-balance appropriately. I feel so technical. Here’s the set on Flickr.
I also wanted to take some pictures to send to my grandma. I always forget how much she likes it when I send her pictures until I talk to her on the phone.

*Why’s it gotta be white? 


  1. last night, i was looking at my monster bruise and said, “it’s not as black anymore!” and matt yelled, “what’s wrong with black??”

    man. stupid trivia.

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