ai: 10 boys are back

Unfortunately, there will be no shoeless Paul Kim and no cute little Rudy Cardenas this week as the top 10 guys are on again tonight. They’re supposed to dedicate this week’s performances to people that inspire them or mean a lot to them or something to that effect. Naturally, it’s a super corny theme, because they can’t really get to in depth with the whole theme week just yet, I guess!

Phil Stacy Missing You – Philly plays the military card. I thought for sure he’d play the daughters and wife card. I’m not really super impressed with him until he hits this big note right as I’m typing I’m not impressed… It was an okay start for me.

Randy thinks he’s hot and showing off his power. Radio is in his future, if you ask Paula. And my favorite, Simon, says he’s not jumping out of his chair, but thinks he’s got an unoriginal voice even if he is a nice guy.

Jared CotterLet’s Get It On – A favorite song of mine, but it creeps me out because he’s dedicating A SONG ABOUT SEX to his parents. “Hey, Mom, Dad, let’s get it on!” No, let’s not. I can appreciate anybody that can wear white tennis shoes with anything he wants. Until he starts crawling around on the ground, singing Marvin Gaye to his parents. This was not great, dude.

The judges aren’t impressed, and then Ryan Secretion starts talking about “things they’ve done to that song”. You know, the sex song the kid sang to his parents.

A.J. TabaldoFeelin’ Good – Is this a freaking Pussycat Dolls song? I’m too distracted by the song! I liked his falsetto, but maybe that’s about all I liked. Never mind. I had to go look and I guess a lot of people sang this song…

Simon seems to like him more than Paula and Randy, and says he looked strangely comfortable.

Sanjaya MalakarSteppin’ Out With My Baby – I pretty much love this kid even more now. He’s dedicating his song to this grandpa that died when he was five. He’s super cute with his little hat, but it’s like maybe he forgot the words at one point.

Randy thinks he’s a nice kid, but calls his performance weird. Paula says he was definitely in pitch and has an old soul, but finds it odd that he performed that song. Simon calls it ghastly, and Sanjaya’s mom still manages to force a smile while he says it. Nobody better make him cry or else!

Chris SlighTrouble – I really like the sound of his voice, because it’s almost like it’s soothing. Man, he didn’t really go for challenging for the lyrics tonight.  So, he’s singing this song to his wife, and they turn the camera on to her and she’s just nodding. If someone sings you a song on national TV, don’t you maybe do more than nod?

Randy’s glad to see Chris to return and says the song shows off his voice and skills. Paula likes him, too. Good job, Paula. Simon says he was a very good singer tonight, and Chris’ wife giggles at Simon. Man whore.

Nick PedroFever – Because I don’t like Nick Pedro, I started thinking about this song. Didn’t Angela sing this song to Tony in the alley of a club on Who’s the Boss? Someone verify that for me, or I’ll have to get Season One out to see if it’s on there! Also, Nick’s kinda boring. And if he says Vote for Pedro, I might shiv someone. I learned how.

Randy was glad to see him back in his element and thought it was “kinda nice”. Once again, Paula agrees with Randy and encourages him to let go and go for it. Simon was snapping his fingers during the performance, and did say he was good, but lacks charisma.

Blake Lewis Virtual Insanity – I’m actually watching a Tivo’ed version of this and the only commercial I skipped through was the one before him. Huh. I like it when people pick songs that aren’t often picked every single season, every other week. I just don’t know if this is a good idea, even if Paula is up and dancing like a three dollar hooker. Beat-boxing, dancing, and a hoodie – what’s not to vote for?

Randy emphatically likes him. Paula says it was a smart choice, and focuses on his uniqueness. Simon disagrees with Randy and Paula, calling his performance a copycat of the original artist’s video. I remember that video, and I didn’t remember any skinny white boys in it.

Brandon RogersTime After Time – Again with the grandparents’ dedications to grandparents that aren’t around anymore.  Cyndi Lauper for your grandma? I guess I’m not one to criticize relationships, but I can criticize his kinda not good performance. Man, he has a pretty voice and all, but I wish he would have picked a different song.

Randy doesn’t like it, but Brandon interrupts him, telling him he was trying to feel the song. Paula says she felt his heart and he has a beautiful voice. Simon says he’s a good singer, but wails on him for being too sappy with his dedication.

Chris RichardsonGeek in the Pink – Boys and their grandmas – CUTE. I’m distracted by the title of the song, and keep wanting to call it Pink and the Stink. “She can get her toys outta the drawer” are not lyrics that belong in a song to grandma. But I like him because he’s fun and original with his song choice.

Randy calls him hot and original. Paula questions his dedication, and he says him grandma likes to dance. Simon says it’s the best performance of the night.

Sundance HeadMustang Sally – I started picking who was going to go home before I even heard him sing. Heh. Oops. Okay, as much as I dislike Sundance, he’s crying about his baby son. I’m not made of complete stone, people, and this is adorably cute. But Mustang Sally? To your baby boy? Man, his chest hair is still the first thing I see when I look at him.

“Welcome back, Sundance”, according to Randy. Paula loves him, and Simon’s glad the old Sundance is back.
Hmm. Jared Cotter and maybe Brandon Rogers going home tonight? What do you guys think?


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  2. I really haven’t watched too much this season. I’ve been pretty busy lately. However, I did watch quite a bit of it last night and watched some earlier in the season.

    I like Phil Stacey. He seems like a nice guy, pretty smooth, and underrated.

    I also like the Blake Lewis guy. He’s pretty unique with all of that extra stuff he does and he looks really comfortable up on the stage. He totally looks like he belongs in a boy band or something (not that I like boy bands)…

  3. I hate Phil’s song choice, but he did a great job with it. I love love love his voice and he’s got great stage presence. He’ll be in the top 12, no question.

    Jared = creepy. And he ain’t channeling Marvin, that’s for damn sure. That’s Jack Black’s job. Most boring version of that song ever. Is he wearing white tennis shoes with that suit? Jared can go home now.

    A.J. – I liked him tonight. Lots of guys with his vocal tone wind up sounding whiny. He’s smooth.

    Ah, Sanjaya. I want to bring him home with me and feed him homemade aloo gobi. He seemed nervous and a little stiff, which I think is his downfall. He’s got such a good voice but he can’t seem to get the guts to use it.

    Who knew Chris S. had a hot wife? He’s doing one of my favorite songs and I’m dying a little. Fabulous! He did justice to the original, but really put his own spin on it. Ray LaMontagne, the artist who originally did that song, is a much smaller, quieter vocalist. So, so, so good! Plus, so far he’s the only one whose dedication seemed appropriate and heartfelt.

    Nick, “Fever” was never intended to be sung by a man, and it was never meant to be oversung. It’s supposed to be soft and smoldering. Go home. Now.

    Blake surprises me every week. At first I thought he was just a gimmick, but he’s got an awesome soul voice, great presence. Good to see the beatboxing worked into the performance without dominating it. How long until he does a Justin Timberlake song?

    And that’s as far as I got before Clara Jane took over the TV.

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