kool-aid kool-aid kool-aid

ka_cherry.jpgMy Boys At Work™ are good for very little except pure entertainment and never making a day go by where I don’t laugh until crying. I’ll share the pictures of my chewed gum collection from them at a later date. It’s very colorful. Another example? The collection of Valentine’s Day conversation hearts they gave me.

The only other thing they’ve been good for as of late is the introduction to Kool-Aid singles. KOOL-AID SINGLES.

If there’s one thing I love (how many times have I said that?), it’s being able to drink Kool-Aid all day long. Granted, it’s not sugar-free and there are products like Crystal Light singles that are better for me, but I’m giving myself just a little bit of credit.

A can of pop is 12 ounces and costs 50 cents at my work. When I drink Kool-Aid, I drink 17 ounces at a time, which involves using two of the single packs out Kool-Aid. There are 16 packets in a box, and I believe the box was something like $3.19. This makes me  Kool-Aid just under 40 cents a pop. I’m saving money by drinking Kool-Aid, and not having caffeine at the same time.

I love Kool-Aid so much and it makes my often stressful day just the slightest bit enjoyable.

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  1. LOLOLOL! That’s so funny, because I’ve recently started doing a similar thing, after realizing I’m drinking toooooo much pop. I like the grapefruit flavored Crystal Light, and sadly enough, it doesn’t come in singles. I know! I’m outraged! So I bought a teeny funnel to help deliver the powdery goodness from the regular-sized package to the water. It’s not an exact science, but I’m making it work.

    Now isn’t THAT the most interesting blog comment EVER?!

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