matt buckstein, the lost idol

I’m blaming this post on the fact that the snow finally put the kibosh on my desired activities. It started by snowing in many a-vehicles to prevent a trip for brunching at Town Talk this morning, but it has made it a good day for the napping.

Do you guys remember Matt Buckstein? He’s the cowboy that tried out on American Idol last year, and ended up getting the boot right after the group performance, because he has that little cowboy kid that only sang to his turkeys – Garet Johnson. Or something like that. He tried out again this year and made it to the Top 40. He didn’t make the Top 24, because Paula told him he didn’t have that extra something that he needed to go on.

Instead of proclaiming he was screwed or complaining about the show in general, he went back home to Denver and decided to keep performing every week and let the folks on the internet vote on whether or not he should go on to the next round. It’s kinda dorky and nerdy, but it’s also kinda cute! Here’s the link to his first week’s performance, which I think he posted online last Tuesday, the same day the Final 12 Boys gave their first performance.

As it turns out, he’s been served with a cease and desist order from American Idol’s producers/legal team, telling him he can no longer use the term “Idol” now that he’s no longer on the show. You can hear him talk about it here.

So, while he may not be able to call himself “The Lost Idol”, I can, and that’s really the main reason for this post. The guy’s just having a good time, using the exposure he did get to his advantage, and the biggest show in America right now has to go and wreak havoc on his favorite hobby. Apparently they now have a copyright on the word idol. If that’s the case, I should be receiving my cease and desist order anytime now.

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  1. That contestant on “Project Runway” whose parents own Hell’s Kitchen did something similar. She did all the challenges and posted the results on her blog. The folks at PR were cool about it, though.

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