If it weren’t for these fancy pants things called RSS reader, I’d totally have a newsletter of some fashion set up for this blog. Maybe something that would be sent out every week to let people know the exciting posts and/or pictures of my dogs they may have missed, because who could really carry on with their life without it, right?

Or maybe something just like a blog email would suffice. Maybe just a daily, or weekly, or even monthly update to let people know about the important thing they’re missing if they don’t get a chance to visit my blog on a regular basis.

Maybe this is the way to go! I know if I don’t have several times a day to monitor my favorite RSS reader, I may go several days without stopping by my favorite Hollywood gossip site, or my favorite place to get the latest news on trades within my favorite baseball organization. If I had them emailed to me, though, on a regular basis, I know that’s something that would definitely get my attention, and then I’d never have to worry about keeping caught up on the billions of other feeds I have just begging to be read.

The cool thing is that “Zookoda provides blog owners with the tools to manage their mailing lists, design their emails, and broadcast blog summaries”. I don’t know of an easier to get the word out about your blog in a more convenient way than that!

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