There’s not much I miss about living in an apartment as opposed to a house of my very own. Sure, it’d be nice to have a big fenced in yard for Riley (and probably a second dog) to run around in from time to time, and I wouldn’t really turn down even more rooms and square feet (as opposed to my current ~1100) to decorate with furniture I absolutely do not need. There’s one thing, though, that any house I ever own will absolutely have to have – basketball goals.

Back in the day, I used to play in the driveway for hours – shooting free throws, layups, shots from the road I lived on, or even my specialty shot – from the front porch. Our basketball goal was nothing fancy like they have now. It was a metal pole slammed into the ground, with a spray-painted wooden backboard and no way at all to adjust it. There would be no slam dunking at all from my driveway!

I see these kids playing basketball now, with their six year old brother hanging from the rim because it’s only a few feet off the ground. Cheating, I say! But you, I won’t lie. If I had a driveway right now, I’d definitely have a goal that was adjustable. I’d have that puppy on eight feet all the live long day and win me some NBA Slam Dunk Championship titles!

Man, just writing about it makes me want to take a special trip to the gym to play a little Around The World with myself.

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