now you’ve got me involved

022107_SPN_Spears06.jpgFor the love of God and all that is holy, why did she have to go and get a dog involved?

I was okay when it was just a regular ol’ custody battle between a trashy wannabe white-rapper and a trashy used-to-be-awesome pop star. Child support, split custody, that all gets hashed out in court. It’s normal and happens all the time. Everyone always worries about the kids.
But now who’s going to look after the dog when Britney gets put back into rehab for a 650th time? And who’s going to help the puppy when she drops it like she dropped her first kid? That little bitty dog will snap in half. It’s not like little Sean Preston who has bones that were meant to pop back into place when getting dropped onto the floor.

Damn you, media! Damn you all to hell!

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