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I really feel like I should have started a category just for apartment-related stuff. There seems to be quite a lot of information I like sharing that has to do with ye ol’ apartment #111. My biggest struggle in interior decorating? Lighting. In new(er) apartments, there are rarely any lights mounted on the ceiling, leaving the tenant to do all of his/her own light-decorations. For me, my lighting situation really sucks.

There aren’t options to hang your own ceiling lights, and if there were, I’m sure it wouldn’t exactly be the wisest of all ideas for Wendy to do things that involve electrical currents. Lamps make the most sense, but I looked for nine months before finding anything that I even remotely liked, and as it turns out, it happened to be the cheapest of all lamps in the town. I’m glad Bathroom Lights aren’t an issue.

Basically, that leaves me with one option – wall lighting. I really, really love wall lighting. If it were up to me, I’d have lines and lines of 60 watt light bulbs lining my living room and bedroom, but there aren’t enough wall outlets to make that little dream of mine come true.

Due to my lack of proper lighting, I probably have the most horribly lit apartment in all of my precious suburb. And also the most smelly, but that’ll be it’s own entry sometime soon if I don’t take care of this odor soon.

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  1. Yeah, this lighting stuff drives me nuts. And it doesn’t help that I have super tall ceilings so even changing the bulbs in the lame ass lighting fixtures I have now is a Pain In The Ass. But what I really want is to be able to put up shelves on the wall. *sigh*

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