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You guys know I’m no stranger to online dating ads, right? Well, what a lot of you may not know is that I’ve recently put together a dating spreadsheet to keep track of some responses that I’ve gotten from an ad I placed about a week and a half ago. I’m serious. What can I say? I like to keep track.

What I used to like about meeting dating type folk on the internet is that it used to always be free. You didn’t have to pay $30/month for something like eHarmony that will only match you to people if you’re straight. Nice, ya bastards. That’s why the MeHarmony/HeHarmony skit on SNL makes me laugh so much.

In any case, the free quality dating sites? They’re few and far between. If there were more opportunity on the interweb for free online dating, it wouldn’t be as frustrating when things don’t work out, right? Then again, I’d probably never get any work done, because I’m seriously refusing to pay to meet someone. I take that back – I’d pay for a couple of drinks to meet someone, just not a monthly subscription!

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  1. I”m obviously no stranger myself. :)

    Way back in the day I used CityPages online dating and would post in my ad that, if someone used their *points* or whatever to contact me, I’d buy them a drink of their choice (basically coffee or beer) when we met.

    It worked out quite nicely, and I went on lots of dates.

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