i like coupons i don’t have to clip

I do most of my fun shopping online. And by fun shopping, I mean http://www.thecorsetcenter.com/ and things that don’t belong in the refrigerator or get used on the rare cleaning day around the apartment. There’s nothing I like more than getting a good deal when doing my fun-shopping online. That’s why, lately, I’ve actually been using coupons of sort.

I’m currently in the market for a new bag. Not a purse. No, really. Not a purse. I just want a bag. It needs to carry important things like my camera, some memory cards, maybe an iPod and a Nintendo DS… like I said, important things. CouponChief.com has a ton of different coupons for pretty much every company you can think of, so I’m going to spend the next few minutes (which will probably turn into hours) trying to find a bag that might work for me using a coupon from eBags. And, well, if I have a bag that can hold all these important things, it’d be okay if I took advantage of some Circuit City coupons, too, to make sure I got full utilization of this new bag that I have yet to find.



  1. I almost broke down and got myself a tote bag — yes, a tote bag — from eBags. I still haven’t ruled it out. I mean, it was leather at least. Not canvas. Canvas would be out of the question. The leather bag (actually, it might have been pleather) I could convince myself wasn’t actually a tote bag, but some other sort of bag. It’d be for work, ya know?

    Anyway, in lieu of the tote bag, I have a bag from Eddie Bauer that I really like, and I’m lusting after this one from Timbuktu.

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