we hate the world

392103858_85dc2f84f6_m.jpgAfter I came home to find my dog had been pissing on my pile of dirty clothes all week long, I decided it’d be wise to go out for drinks. First we had trivia and leftover red velvet cake to attend to at Keegan’s.

We didn’t know that scotch whiskey has just as many antioxidants as orange juice, and we couldn’t remember that Forrest Whittaker had won the SAG award a few weeks ago, so needless to say, Jumi, Matt, Jenni, and I did not fare so well in the second round of trivia.

We finished some food and our drinks, paid our tab, and then walked a block to Nye’s Polonaise Room, which also happens to be The Best Bar in American, according to Esquire magazine. That’s where the above picture was taken. In our switch of drinking locations, we’d traded Jumi for Bill, which gives Matt a smoking partner.

When the boys went out to smoke, Jenni and I headed straight for the photo booth, because what else would we do? That picture? It’s so not us. Never have I seen a picture of the both of us looking so emo and sad and full of hate towards the world. We don’t even know what we were doing!
It’s seriously the funniest picture ever of us and totally worth the $3.

Also, staff of Nye’s? Sorry about the bathroom. It’s just tradition.

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