with my ragtop down so my hair can blow

It was 1990ish when “Ice, Ice Baby” hit the airwaves. I don’t recall when I first heard it. I only knew I loved it. You know what I loved almost as much as I loved the song? The video. You know why I loved the video so much? The car that Vanilla Ice drove.

You remember it. It was a white Mustang 5.0. It was convertible. And the girlies were on standby just so they could wave hi. It didn’t matter that there were rockman lovers driving Lamborghinis. They were just jealous ’cause he was out gettin’ his.

But here’s the deal, I really loved that car. And it didn’t hurt the situation that there was a white guy with bad hair and a shaved eyebrow that was driving it in a horribly made video.
My very first roommate drove what I think was maybe a 1997 Mustang. It was purple, and yeah, it was pretty hot and definitely step up from her white Ford Tempo. The Tempo maybe fit her personality a little better (plain, boring, and, um, four-doored?), but the Mustang was a much slicker car. Needless to say, I was more than happy to let her drive when we went some place together.

The whole time I lived with that particular roommate, I would always discuss Mustangs with my brother. See, the only two things he cares about in life are himself and cars, so I pick conversation topics as appropriate. Anytime Mustangs would come up in conversation, I would fall back to the 1991 model that Vanilla I-C-E drove when he kept on pursuing to the next stop.

Out of all 43 years of Mustangs, the 1991 has always been the one I’d like to have, just as long as it had a ragtop I could put down for the whole hair blowing thing. Otherwise, it just wouldn’t be the same.

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  1. I’m not really into cars, especially not Mustangs, but the newest ones that are redesigned to look more like the old ones are pretty sweet. I rented one once when I was out of town for a weekend. Very nice, and it wasn’t even a convertible. I was doing 85 without even realizing it. So smooth.

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