my valentine post

Hey, so today’s Valentine’s Day. Did you know that? Did you send roses? How about a heart-shaped balloon with an overpriced teddy bear attached? Yeah, me neither, suckers!

My flowers.

The picture to your right? Those are the last flowers I received and really, I think maybe they’re roses, but mostly I don’t care. I was just super excited because The Most Adorable Co-Worker Everâ„¢ gave them to me during a work conference and I was so giddy I almost exploded right there on the spot.

Even though the flowers died before the conference was over and now we just make awkward eye contact when we see each other around the office, it was still a moment I’ll never forgot. I seriously couldn’t even finish that last sentence without laughing.

I don’t really hate Valentine’s Day. I figure it’s an excuse for A) selling truffles to benefit The 3 Day, B) eating extra candy, and C) making sure people who go on and on about hating Valentine’s Day are forced to celebrate, like my co-worker who just received 2 dozen Krispy Kreme Valentine’s courtesy of my trip to get donuts this weekend for trivia.

I guess I just felt obligated to write about the wonders of this candy and/or love-filled holiday, because between it and Anna Nicole Smith, i don’t think there could possibly be anything else going on in my life today or for the past two weeks.

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