almost googled out

Trivia Weekend was awesome. And it once again reminded me how awesome my friends are. Put anywhere from three to nine of us in one room, each of us armed with a computer and/or cell phone, ask us anywhere from 9 to 18 insanely hard questions every hour, and then do that for 50 hours straight. I think if nobody kills anyone, it’s a sure sign your friends are the right ones for you.

It works like this. You put together a team and gather in a location where you can all hear a radio station based out of St. Clouid, MN. We had it streamed over the Internet. The station asks nine questions an hour, unless it’s a speed round where they ask 18, and once you have the answer, you call into the station’s phone bank with your team number, the question number, and your answer. If you’re correct, you get the number of points assigned to that question. If not, you get to keep looking until they close the question some time before the hour is up.

I manned the phones most of the time when I was there and handed over my laptop willingly to either Matt or Jenni when they were there. I know it was either one of them that used it most of the time based solely on the number of Journey videos on YouTube that were added to my bookmarks. Nothing beats a little Steve Perry on a punchy Monday afternoon.

There were 80 teams. We finished 43rd. Sure, we would have liked to win, but we gave it our all and tried our best and yadda, yadda, yadda. The winning team had over 20 people on their side, so we didn’t do too shabby with half of that. Brains start to go to mush after too many hours without sleeping, even if you do swallow enough Red Bull to make your heart skip a beat or two. Not that I would know anything about that really. At all.

I didn’t take many pictures, but the ones I did take are right here, and as with my friends, there are always other camera’s: like Jenni’s or Kaye’s. And, yeah. I’m still trying to catch up on sleep.

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